More than faster for digital radiography and fluoroscopy

Major Feature

  • Large format(17×17) IGZO TFT Panel
  • Static & Dynamic for General Radiography and Fluoroscopy
  • Superior Frame Rate for Fluoroscopy, 30fps @ 1536×1536
  • Reliable AED function
  • Meeting ISO4090 cassette size(460x460x15mm) 

Model & Parameters DRA-1417SG DRA-1417SC

Scintillator GD2O2

S:Tb CsI:Tl (Direct)
Sensor Pixel size 140um, a-Si TFT and a-si Photodiode

Pixel Matrix 2500x 3052
Effective Area 347.8x 425.04mm
Effective Array 2484 x 3036


Spatial Resolution 3.4 lp/mm 3.4 lp/mm
ADC Resolution 16 bits
Grayscale 65536 grayscales
x-ray voltage Range 40 ~ 150 Kvp
X-ray Generator Interface Line Trigger(Manual)/ Auto Trigger(AED Mode)
Shot Mode Single / Multi
Mechanical Weight GD2O2

S:Tb / 3.0 Kg CsI / 3.2 kg
Dimensions Meet ISO4090 for cassette size (384x460x15mm)

Communications Wired Giga Ethernet (1000BaseT)
Sync. Out Port 2 port / TTL(0~5.0V)
Operation Software
(Console S/W)

Windows 7/8/10:
Support for 32/64bits Windows


Wired DC +15V
Wireless Max. 1 Pack(Battery/11.8V/ 4 hour)
Environment T(10~+40)/H(20 ~ 75%)/P(70~106KPa)

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