CT Scan-256/512

CT 256 / 512 Slice CT Scanner

256 / 512 slices CT Scanner Imaging System

★ The Widest 16cm Spherical Detector.
★ Intelligent Milisecond Whole Cardiac Scanning.
★ The Fastest Speed 0.25s/Rotation.

Electromagnetic Direct Drive System

★ Nano Dose Imaging.
★ Efficient design of the gantry to achieve structural stability under high G-Load.
★ 80cm Gantry Diameter.


CT Scan-64/128

64 Slice CT Scanner


High-Performance Imaging System

★ 64/128-slice system with Z-flying focal spot to enable sub 0.33 mm spatial resolution.

★ 256 channels A/D ASIC with very low electronic noise mode for cardiac applications.

★ Antiscatter (2D optional) grid integrated into Detector modules with high accuracy and alignment precision.

Better and Pleasant User Experience

★ 40 mm coverage with 64 and 128 slices modes configurable by Protocol and User.

★ High stability response enabling a lower need for calibrations.

★ Simplified User Interface and Image Viewer.


CT Scan

PET / CT 16 Slice Scanner

High-Performance Imaging System

★ ScintLaSante software solution to enhance image details and reduce image noise.

Better and Pleasant User Experience

★ Low operation cost with low dose injection, high patient throughput, reduced maintenance cost, and scalable PET modular design.

★ Great patient care with optimized PET workflow.

★ Synchronize the anatomical center location in multiple series and compensate for patient displacement between acquisitions.