C_ARM Machine

Digital C-ARM Machine: High Frequency
Company: SMAM

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Compact and high-performance mobile C-arm designed for different applications in neurosurgery, pain management, orthopedics, and emergency rooms. Equipped with amorphous silicon flat panel or I. I. with a 1k x 1k CCD camera, It produces excellent high-resolution images for accurate diagnosis and safe operation.

The compact design and wide C-arc help to save space increasing flexibility, 135° orbital rotation increasing patient access, facilitating repositioning, and improving efficiency to assure the highest quality image.

A larger 859mm free space and extended 135º (90º – 45º) orbital rotating or stationary anode X-Ray tube.

friendly colors touch screen user interface

dual B/W 19″ LCD Monitor or single high resolution B/W 24” LCD monitor

database management
Search & save capabilities
manage patient information
before & after surgery comparison
supports multi-selection of frames/s
unlimited image memory
unlimited patient capacity
unlimited study images
versatile diagnostic tools
zoom, contrast, reverse, invert
filtering, edge enhancement
PACS connectivity with Dicom 3.0
store and print, modality worklist management MPPS, storage commitment, and import & export

amorphous silicon Flat Panel Detector
30x30cm 194µm-pixel
21x21cm 205µm-pixel
9” or 12” image intensifier with 1k x 1k high resolution CCD
Dual B/W 19″ LCD Monitor or single B/W 24”LCD monitor
lower dose
virtual collimator
pulse mode
air kerma
laser guide (optional)
easy archiving and documentation
Dicom 3.0
thermal printer
USB port
ethernet port


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