OPG Machine

OPG Machine: Digital
Company: PointNix
Origin: Italy



Three models are available:

Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS) scanning Detector
CMOS sensor offers:
Higher Sensitivity due to the latest pixel architecture which is beneficial in lower light applications.
Lower dark noise for higher fidelity image.
High Pixel well depth (saturation capacity) that provides higher dynamic range.
Lower Power consumption (eco-green).
Employs a smaller digital circuitry that uses less power.
Is free from smear (vertical white streak in the image taken under bright light) and blooming (corruption of images such as white spots).
0.5 mm Optimal focal trough
The focal trough is the area in which structures will appear most sharply and clearly. The shape and width of the X-VIEW 2D PAN focal trough are determined by the path and velocity of the receptor and X-ray tube head, the alignment of the X-ray beam, and the collimator width.
High Frequency DC X-Ray Generator
The high frequency generator of the X-VIEW 2D PAN produces very good quality X-rays for images with low noise and reduced radiation dose to the patient.
Technical Specification: X-VIEW 2D PAN UP
Technical Specification:
X-ray Tube :
Line Voltage 115 V/230 V ± 10%
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Electric current 7.5 A @ 230V
Absorbed power
1720 VA @ 230V @
Apparent line resistance 0.5 Ω max
Main Power protection fuse (F1) 10 A T
Column actuator Protection fuse (F2) 5 A T
Rectifier Board protection fuse XRPSR 6,3 AT
Inverter Board protection fuse XRPSI 6,3 AT
Switching power supply protection fuse 24 V 2 x 3, 15AT
Switching power supply protection fuse 12 V 2 x 2, 15AT
High voltage
61 to 85 kVp, at steps
of 3 kVp (9 steps)
Anodic current
5 to 10 mA, according
to R’20 scale
Type of sensor CMOS X-Ray Detector
Sensitive area
150 x7 mm
Number of Pixel (H x L) 1500×68
Scintillator CsI
Dynamic range > 80 dB
Operating temperature 10 to +40° C
Storage temperature 10 to + 55° C
High frequency generator, DC
Manufacturer PointNix S.r.l., Italy
Tube Voltage 85 kVp
Precision kVp ± 8 %
Maximum Anodic current 10 mA
Anode current accuracy ± 10%
Radiation Output linearity < 0.2 IEC 60601-2-63 paragraph Nominal power 850 VA (85 kVp – 10 mA) Total filtration 2.5 mm Al eq. @ 70 kVp Half Value Layer (HVL) > 2.0 mm Al eq. @ 61 kVp
> 2.7 mm Al eq. @ 73 kVp
> 3.05 mm Al eq. @ 85 kVp
Cooling As per convection
Focal spot 0.5 mm (IEC 60336:2005)
Leakage radiation at 1 m < 0.5 mGy/h @ 85 kVp – 10 mA – 3s duty cycle Max thermal capacity of tube head 900 kJ Exposition parameters From 61 to 85 kVp, Standard Programs: Adult/Child Standard Panoramic Adult /Child Right Hemi Panoramic Adult/Child Left Hemi Panoramic Frontal Dentition TMJ closed mouth TMJ open mouth Sinus


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