Superb image Quality

1012WCC /1417WCC /1717WCC high Detector Quantum Efficiency(DQE) achieves superb image quality with low patient dose.

High Visibility OLED

The illuminated OLED window brightly indicates the flat panel detector status to the user.


Supporting up to 660lb, the 1012WCC /1417WCC /1717WCC is manufactured with seamless magnesium, and unibody construction and is combined with a shock, vibration, and scratch-resistant carbon fiber composition.

Lightweight & fast

1012WCC /1417WCC /1717WCC weights only 3.7lb/606lb/7.7lb image preview occurs in less than 2 seconds.

Ergonomic Design

Curved edges and a non-slip surface make lifting and handling easier for all tabletop extremity exams as well as for pediatric and neonate imaging.

Water resistant(IPX6)

1012WCC /1417WCC /1717WCC is water resistant to most typical water spills in a hospital as well as in outdoor applications.

Sensor Typea-Si TFT
ScintillatorCsI / GOS
Total Pixel Matrix (Pixels)127 : 2816 x 3328
140 : 2500 x 3052
Active Area (mm)127 : 357.6 x 422.7
140 : 350.0 x 427.3
Pixel Pitch (㎛)127 / 140
Frame Rate (fps)N/A (Static)
Energy Range (kVp)40 ~ 150
Resolution (lp/mm)127: 3.9
140: 3.5
A/D Conversion (bits)14 / 16 bits
Data InterfaceGigE
Dimension (mm)460 x 384 x 15
Weight (kg)3.0 (incl. battery)

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